No cinema? No festivals? #STAYHOME
From April 17, at 6PM, the fourth film “A friendly Place. 150 years of Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice” (2019) will be available online.



There is a place in Venice that renews its vocation since 1869, is the Querini Stampalia Foundation. It’s a place made of water, canals, rooms, works and masterpieces of the intellect, of art and architecture, of the will to welcome the world while remaining true to itself. A friendly place. A film tells it today, on the occasion of its 150 years.
It is the story of men and values, the Querini, a maze to get lost in, to find ourselves somewhere else, just like in Venice, its city.
The film is based on new ad hoc shots and on archival footage that documents the history of the Foundation and the Palace, enriched by the exclusive testimonies of many, influential exponents of the world of culture, art and architecture – Chiara Bertola, Francesco Bonami, Mario Botta, Giorgio Busetto, Giorgio Camuffo, Renata Codello, Michele Coppola, Marino Cortese, Francesco Dal Co, Michele De Lucchi, Nicholas Herdon, Joseph Kosuth, Marigusta Lazzari, Michelina and Valeriano Pastor, Giovanna Nepi Sciré, Marco Paladini, Giandomenico Romanelli, Tiziano Scarpa, Kiki Smith, Angela Vettese.
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I Wanted to be Walt Disney“, “Where Architects Live” and “SuperDesign” three films produced by Muse, are still available online.
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Coming next: a film that has opened the doors of a historic Italian design company, an industrial but still familiar reality.
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