EXHIBITION BY Philosophy Department of the Università degli Studi di Milano

LAYOUT Henrik Widenheim

SCENERY Ferrante Aporti


VIDEOS Francesca Molteni

PROJECT FOR Philosophy Department of the Università degli Studi di Milano at Salette dell’Aula Magna, Milan, 2019

VIDEO PRODUCTION Muse Factory of Projects


The world is full of museums. Art museums, historical museums, natural sciences museums, cinema, photography, clothing, love museums… but not philosophy museums.

The exhibition “Philosophy Museum: the first rooms” comes from the belief that this gap can be filled.

Philosophy indeed isn’t something abstruse, something that only a few privileged can practice. Philosophy is the game of thoughts and accuracy of topics. And from games and topics the exhibitions begins, to deal with some of the biggest questions that philosophers ask themselves.

What we see is the reality or just phenomena with blurred contours?

When we’re looking down from the Duomo’s top, people are tiny or seems tiny? And if we’re arrested it’s better for us to confess?

These questions will be answered by visitors, with the tools available for them in the exhibitions.

Text, games, cards, objects, art pieces. And also videos, curated by MUSE, insights that help us to comprehend shapes and tools of philosophic thinking. They’re made for an individual friction and they’re fast and penetrating.

The philosopher helps us to reason, puts intelligence to the test of facts, and plays with the reality, having fun building mental experiments. He is a bit lonely, a bit obsessive, a bit megalomaniac, but in the end he doesn’t like being alone. He looks for you.

Philosophy is a wonderful adventure!

The projects The Philosophy Museum: the first rooms was possible thanks to the extraordinary funding for the “Departments of Excellence” that the Ministry of Education, University and Research has assigned to the Department of Philosophy “Piero Martinetti” of the University of Milan in 2018.

The Philosophy Museum