Object to Project. Giorgetti Design since 1898 it’s a journey into intelligent manufacturing and into the historic district of Brianza, symbol of the ability of making beautiful things that the world loves. A heritage of skills and traditions of an entire community representing, from its origins until now, the best Italian design in the world.
A storytelling beginning in 1898, from the artisan workshop in Meda and that today, with its 120 years of history, spreads in many audiences and cities of the world. The rereading of what has been becomes the starting point to reflect on the new industries and digital processes of today and tomorrow.
Tradition and innovation, territory and projects, challenges and transformations intertwine into a narration enriched by interviews collecting the stories of the protagonists, inside and outside the industrial world. From Carlo Giorgetti, grandson of the founder Luigi, which imprints Da Carlo Giorgetti, nipote del fondatore Luigi, which gives a new direction to the company by landing in America in the 1930s, to collaborators and designers of the company; from the Fondazione Pirelli’s director, Antonio Calabrò, to the architecture historian Fulvio Irace; from the semiotician Paolo Fabbri, to the graphic designer Italo Lupi; from design critic Alberto Bassi, to the journalist Luca De Biase, to name a few.
Everyone, with their knowledge, reflects on the relationship between new artisanship and technological innovation, on the beauty of know-how and on the immaterial values embodied in the products. 
The film is accompanied by a book written with Cristiana Colli, edited by Electa. Muse produced also a video installation, during Design Week 2018, to celebrate 120 years of stories, places and streets, objects and projects, with graphics animation by Marco Di Noia and music by Fabrizio Campanelli.