“DESIGN! OGGETTI, PROCESSI, ESPERIENZE”, the new exhibition promoted by CSAC is now open! Part of the immense heritage kept in the archives of the Study Center and communication archive of the University of Parma will be shown in the exhibition. What comes out is a path through the main themes of design divided into two main sections:

– The first one starting from the Valserena abbey, home of the CSAC archive – museum with projects, objects and prototypes of Italian design

– The second section, entitled “Corpi e processi” will take at Palazzo Pignorini with the artist Sissi and the first part of the project “Storie di fili”. Keep following the page to find out more about “Design! Oggetti, processi, esperienze”

Check out our trailers here: 

First part: https://fb.watch/3LwBkvpAGY/

Second part: https://fb.watch/3LwEvXbEQi/

Do you want to know more about “Design! Oggetti, processi, esperienze”? Check the links below: